About MBP

Our Values

For more than a hundred years, The Monument Builders of Pennsylvania (MBP) has been has been built on the guiding principles of honesty, integrity, and family values. These principles have allowed our members to provide exceptional service to families during times of need. Our organization takes pride in serving the public, particularly in educating individuals during the selection process.

Our Code of Ethics

As our code of ethics states, our members maintain attractive places of business, refrain from untimely solicitations, truthfully represent all goods, give value in proportion to price, and loyally uphold the ideals of our worthy craft.

2016-2018 MBP Board of Directors


Larry Gealy
Gealy Memorials

Vice President

Mary Ann Phillips
Phillips Monument Co.


Dick Stever
Mayes Memorials

Past President

Sharon Baughman
Witmer-Baughman Memorial

MBP Board Members

John Pesavento,CM
Pesavento Monuments
Phil Wenz
Earl Wenz, Inc.
Steve Bomgardner
Romberger Memorials
LuAnn Jackson
Sunset Memorials
Andy Gingrich
Gingrich Memorials
Michelle Gealy
Gealy Memorials